Raising great buildings together

Our Vision

Nukondo, short for "new condominium", is an inclusive platform focused in uniting all participants around any given new condo project. Everyone has the opportunity to collaborate in a coordinated way and add value by doing what they do best, and when successful sharing in the rewards.

Backing means many things, spreading the word, helping speed up sales, optimizing costs by involving potential buyers in the product definition through surveys and focus groups, providing market intelligence to help developers cope with demand, while avoiding the risk of oversupply, by doing direct equity co-investments, by buying units to rent them out and reselling at a profit, and so on.

What We Do

Developers and builders, brokers and agents, buyers and investors, lawyers and title Companies, designers and decorators, vendors and providers, lenders and originators, association and property managers, can collaborate in exciting new ways, throughout the entire journey starting with the launch of a project all the way to its grand opening. This community approach benefits from the network effect, where everyone can leverage on each others contribution in a synergistic way.

The Nukondo team leadership is formed by real estate developers, investors, managers and brokers, with extensive experience in new condo projects. They have experienced most the pain points from start to finish and believe that most can be fixed only with the collaboration of the entire ecosystem. Currently there are limited intersections between participants which may have a partial view of the challenge at hand. By coordinating and aligning all in a productive way, there are plenty of benefits in evolving from the current status quo to the Nukondo fix.

The Status Quo

The New Condominium industry still runs on analog processes, that result in opaqueness, inefficiency, redundancy, uncertainty, and volatility.

The Nukondo Fix

Technology aligns all stakeholders for increased transparency, efficiency, productivity, certainty, and stability.

From acquisition to entitlements, property sales, warranties, and management, plans and permits, construction and development and everything in between, we streamline the home buying process, eliminating the hassle–and the cost–of a middleman.

From start to finish, we will guide you through our thoughtfully-engineered process to streamline your experience and ensure your utmost satisfaction. Take a look around.

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